Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here's what a real liberal solution looks like.

Create a nation-wide network of government-run daycare. This cost $100 million. Net result, lots of competent, talented women who wished to get a job but couldn't because they couldn't afford daycare now get jobs. These women pay $147 million in taxes from their new job, which pays back the $100 million the government started with, and let it lower taxes by $47 millions. Everybody wins.

A Libertarian would never think of trying this.

But in Quebec, it's the first thing you try.

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Alypius said...

"Everybody wins." Except the children stuck in daycare, who are more likely to get sick, less likely to be breastfed, and are more likely to exhibit problem behaviors like aggression and cruelty. And except the society that has to live with those children.