Monday, March 1, 2010

Americans have more investements in each other's health care than Canadians

Little known fact: Health care in America is funded by the government to a greater extends than in Canada. Between Medicaid, Medicare, Military Health Care, and emergency room services for the non-insured or the under-insured, the American government pays US$2,728 per person per year for health care. That's 23% more than the Canadian government expense (US$ 1,893.)

Ref: Wikipedia on the difference between the US and Canadian health care systems.

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Anonymous said...

That begs the question: How much are Canadian drug companies and such charging? If any Canadian can go to the hospital or a doctor at any time and receive treatment, and every US citizen can't, what's keeping their costs down, and ours up?

Check it out: I'm not insured. By anyone. I went to the hospital when I sprained my ankle because it was so painful I feared it was broken (I should have known better, but that's another story). Turned out that I could avoid being charged for everything except for the doctor's fee, which was still substantial, and non-negotiable, so I walked (hobbled) out. Good thing it was nothing serious!